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"Aapki Sewa” is an initiative for the humanity was established in Feb 2009 by a group of educated people from different walks of life from all over India with a vision of providing qualitative support to society in terms of education, health, Environment etc. Aapki Sewa offers opportunities to individuals, students and professionals to volunteer with evaluated and credible NGOs working on social development projects across India.

Core Active Area


In India a large number of children are living in absolute poverty. After analyzing the plight of underprivileged people in India, AapkiSewa took a decision:: empowerment of the underprivileged by educating them
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Health & Hygiene

In a well-ordered society the citizens know and observe the laws of health and hygiene. It is established beyond doubt that ignorance and neglect of the laws of health and hygiene are responsible for the majority of diseases
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Aimed to help the people living in many of the poorest areas of India and from underprivileged section searching & fighting for a sustainable source of livelihood, Aapkisewa has started various projects
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Women Empowerment

Since its inception, empowering women economically, socially and making them self –reliant and confidant has been one of the major aims of AapkiSewa.our concept of women empowerment not only focuses on giving women strength
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